Car Seats

To properly install your seat please read both your child safety seat instruction booklet as well as your vehicle owner’s manual.
The main function of a child safety seat/booster seat is to secure and restrain the body at the time of motor vehicle collision. This restraint prevents the body from being thrown around inside or thrown out of the vehicle.

Adult seatbelt systems do not provide adequate restraint for children, as they are far too big. An ill-fitting seatbelt may cause injuries due to improper placement of the lap and chest portions. Worse yet, an adult seatbelt system may fail to restrain your child at all at the time of collision.

Police officers are often asked, “What is the best child seat to buy?” The short answer is that the best child seat to buy is one that meets your needs, fits your vehicle, and that you will use properly every time.

  • Infant seats are used rear facing from birth to 9 kg (20 lbs.)